Cobble Player

Jacob Moss


Released on Android!

The Android app has been released and is available on the store. The current features are:

And work-in-progress features include: Click here for more information

About the project.

This is a free, easy to use, quick startup music player. Simply drag and drop your music and play! You can also create playlists to sort your files. This application is different to others because it is lightweight yet robust and performs offline media analysis - genre detection coming soon. So download and enjoy! If you find the application useful then you can support the project by checking back here to my website for updates. See manual below for more details, or click here to see what's new.



The application has been redesigned using JavaFX for a smoother and more aesthetic experience. The following are some of the major updates:

  • User interface redesigned and added a new panel containing information about the current song
  • Playlists - sort your music in the way you want!
  • Saves all the playlists/music you create and music you import
  • Settings dialog
  • Tonnes of lag/bug and usability issue fixes
  • Even more... try it yourself!

More to come - offline media analysis!

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Just extract the files to your chosen folder, and run the "CobblePlayer.jar" file!

Getting started

Drag your music files/folders onto the table and the program will automatically extract information such as song titles and artists from the files. This may take a few seconds, depending on your computer and the amount of files you are importing. When you load the application again it will automatically import the files again, unless you turn this feature off in settings.

Playlists new

Playlists are a new addition so if you detect a bug then please submit a report below! Click 'File' -> 'New playlist' to create your new list, and add songs by simply dragging and dropping.


Currently there is no automatic updater included so you will have to copy your 'Playlists.cob' and 'Properties.cob' files (from the directory you installed the program in) to another location, reinstall the updated version and simply drop the files back.

Download latest

Version: 2.0a - Speed/memory and GUI improvements! - 04/05/2014

  • + No longer uses ridiculous CPU, remains under 2% usage for my machine
  • + User interface more space-efficient
  • + Application icon added, no more coffee mugs
  • + Added item counter above the table
  • * File importer bugs fixed
  • * Bug fixes and improvements

Version: 1.9 - Music data collection/analysis! - 03/04/2014

  • + Added separate GUI for settings and music analysis
  • + You can now perform frequency and amplitude collection, including graphs and frequency average tables.
  • + Added new music file importer! It now imports on a separate thread and (hopefully) catches errors
  • + Added log file, when there are errors it now prints them to file
  • * Menu bar easier to use
  • * Saves more often to avoid losing data on crash

Version: 1.3 - Lag/playlist/gui update! - 03/02/2014

  • + Now only one seeker bar
  • + You can now edit playlist names
  • + You can now delete songs from the table
  • * Renamed save files
  • * GUI updated with new features
  • * Finally lag has been fixed!

Version: 1.2 - Playlists/save update!

  • + Added Rate button, which changes the speed of song
  • + Added Balance button, which changes the balance of volume
  • + Playlist functionality - check instructions
  • + GUI more responsive
  • * Fixed pause button finally!
  • * Fixed!
  • * Bug fixes

Version: 1.1

  • + Seeker bar: you can now move through the track
  • + Song info area: does not save edits!
  • * No longer writes "mouse" in the notification area
  • * Shuffle works now
  • * Fixed bug that gave the program an unnecessarily large file size
  • * Fixed bug - crashing on import
  • * Config does not work anymore, soon to be reintroduced

Version: 0.7 - 16/01/2014

  • + New .config file to reopen folders you opened before and more
  • + Shuffle ability
  • + Add collection of files rather than a folder
  • * Fixed play/pause delay
  • * Lots of bug fixes/optimisation

Project inception - 01/01/2014

Build 21/03/2014

  • + Analysis and settings dialog
  • + Frequency collection using FFTs
  • + Amplitude analysis on memory instead of writing and reading to disk